Wednesday, July 20, 2011

She's More Than A Dog

She's my best friend!

I recently wrote a new song after going through the loss of several of our beloved cats and several Facebook friends who lost their dogs.

Living and working in the hunting and fishing industry brings me into contact with thousands of people who have amazing dogs. These dogs are much more than companions and add significant value to each of these human lives!

I have three dogs at Hardcore Huntin' Music headquarters and they each provide me with their own brand of education, joy, peace and of course LOVE! Anyone with a dog knows that no human is capable of loving you quite like a dog does...its incredibly humbling! The dogs pictured above is our rescue dog "Midnight". She is a Border Collie/Aussie/Lab mix and is one of the smartest animals I have ever known. Much of the song below is inspired by "Middy" as well as our other dogs "Smoke E" & "Bella Joy".

I hope that others will comment on this post with stories of their dogs! We have them for a very short time but i know they leave a lasting legacy of great memories for all of us. I'd love to get your feedback and hopefully inspire you to share stories of your dog with us!


  1. I just had to put down my partner not too long ago. You can check out my list of 25 things I learned from her (in the favorite posts list) at

    Dogs are better than people...


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