Thursday, July 12, 2012

I write this morning sitting on my back porch with my dogs and cats contemplating how blessed I am.....truly BLESSED! I can't help but think back to a time when I wasn't a very good person by deed but wanted to be better....somehow?

 It was a warm night...a Tuesday night in 1997. I was invited to go fishing with a bunch of guys I didn't know...being new to West Monroe, Louisiana a jumped at the opportunity to meet new people. As I sat on the bank of the Ouachita River, watching my line for that initial soft catfish bite, a fella sat down beside me with a scruffy beard and started a conversation with the strangest question I had ever heard.... He said "Conover...have you solved your death problem yet?" I just laughed and said I didn't know I had I guess NO is the answer! That bearded fella was Jason Robertson of Duck Commander & Duck Dynasty. We fished and talked for a while and then Jase asked me if I would like to come to his house for a study the next night...I accepted. That very next night a man...Jase Robertson....took the time to do what nobody had ever done....he told me the TRUTH and he did it with LOVE. When I heard the Gospel that night it was like a huge rock had been lifted off of my back! That night I made Jesus Christ the Lord of my life and through the power of the Holy Spirit I buried the man I created....the sinful man....and God raised up a new man....the one HE CREATED! I made Jase Baptize me that night :)

 Fast forward 13 plus years....I am sitting in a Celebrate Recovery meeting at the Whites Ferry Road Church in West Monroe, LA.....on New Years Eve. Mac Owen starts off the meeting by explaining that Celebrate Recovery is for people who have ever had a hurt, habit or hang up. My friend David Magown was sitting next to me and said "Well that's everybody"....and it hit me...I said "Everybody But Jesus"! In that moment I was able to see how amazing God is! He put a song in my head and it will always be a part of who I am and be a monument to God's amazing LOVE. You see...he sent the perfect person after me even when I was so far away from Him....because he Loves us that much. I hope that if you are struggling with any kind of HURT, HABIT or HANG UP you will listen to this song and get some encouragement.

Just remember that Jesus came for you and Loves you right where you are...RIGHT NOW!

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