Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Give to Caesar what is Caesar's!

Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and give to GOD what is GOD'S~Jesus So how's that "Honor thy Father & Mother" thing going America? In the middle of the Great Depression... we decided to abandon our responsibilities and allow Caesar to begin taking care of our parents and grand parents! I guess we figured that times were bad and surely God could not help us help ourselves? So we allowed Caesar to take advantage of a crisis, gee...where have I heard that before?, and start us down the road that we are on today. 

The only problem is....... That was NOT God's plan! According to the Word of God...HE established government to do the things necessary to keep civilizations from imploding. Our founding fathers new this and understood that the several states mere existence was a result of Divine Providence! Upon a careful reading of our Constitution you will see that this was CLEARLY understood by the framers that a Federal Government of enumerated powers was the best way to keep the government away from doing what God has called individuals, families & churches to do! So we allowed Congress to create the Government god :( Our children are now raised by the Government god because we have decided to give the primary teaching role to him. We have allowed our seniors to become dependent on the Government god and finance that on the backs of their grand children. Lastly... we have allowed the poor and down trodden to believe that the Government god is their only hope! 

Now what? Just because we give to Caesar what is rightly God's does NOT MAKE Caesar....GOD! Caesar is now taking care of the very people that we are charged to take care the Church simply needs to START BEING THE CHURCH! 

 The Judgement starts with us...we are the light of the world....if God is with us who can stand against us? Maybe these times...the election...the hardship to come is just God using his rod and staff to urge us to OBEY HIM and allow HIS Mercy and Grace to be revealed at a time that looks like there's no hope? If this is our Cross let's pick it up and carry it with Faith, Hope and Love because after all.....we know how the story ends!

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