Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The WHY Of Hunting & Fishing - Music Video!

It was 17 years ago...a cold January evening...when a friend of mine asked me to go on an evening wood duck hunt. I promply said "I've never been duck hunting!" My buddy Rex said "well then we definitely need to go and handed me his back up shotgun and we headed off to the Ouachita river as the sun began to set. We put the boat in the water and headed up the Ouachita River towards a river lake full of button willows and on this evening....roosting woodies!We set the boat up and got concealed...sat back and settled in for something that would soon change my life forever! 

As I looked across that river lake I was taken by the sheer beauty of what was laying before me...God's handywork. You see....I had recently become a Christian and Baptized in that very river. This was the first time that I saw God's creation in this very intimate way...it was almost as if God was saying to me...."son....just take a deep breath and check out what I'm about to do!"

Then all of a sudden I hear Rex say "Steve....get doan and get ready". Then I heard a sound I had never heard...the screach of a bunch of woodies flying into the river lake to roost. The hair stood up on the back of my neck becaused I realized that we were sitting right where they wanted to be! A big woodie drake flew right in front of our set up from left to right and Rex said "take him boy!" I raised up and fired one shot and to my amazement....that woodie folded up and fell to the water....belly up!

Rex and I did a quick high five and then sat in complete silence for a few minutes. Rex turned to me and said "well....what do ya think?". I said "I think I could get used to this....alot!". I remeber sitting and watching the sun set and thinking to myself "how cool is this". There was a ton of stressful things going on in my life at the time but in that place... at that time....I thoought "It Is Well In My Soul!"

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