Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Are You A Duckaholic?

I remember sitting in the Duck Commander's kitchen about 14 years ago and hearing Phil Robertson talk about this new word he thought up......a word to describe himself and others who pretty much eat, sleep and breathe duck hunting 24/7/365!

It wasn't long after that before I was initiated into the Duckaholics Anonymous group.... they have a 12 step plan and everything! It was a natural step for me to write a song describing my experience and my new life as a Duckaholic.

So my question to you is..... Are you a Duckaholic? Are you currently suffering from duck hunting withdrawal symptoms? Have you ever pawned a lawn mower to buy calls, decoys and shot gun shells? Are you the only person in your neighborhood who stands in their yard staring at the sky.....maybe even yelling at high flying migratory birds?

If you said yes to these questions you should think about heading over to DuckCommander.com and joining Duckaholics Anonymous. Next you should go to HuntingMusic.com or HuntingMusicCD.com and get some Hardcore Huntin' Music as it has been proven to ease the pain from hunting withdrawal symptoms!

There are also hunting music videos at www.YouTube.com/HardcoreHuntingMusic that will also help to make the off season go by much faster!

If you would like to be in the next Duckaholics Anonymous music video just send your best pics to HuntingMusic@gmail.com!

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