Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Snow Goose Round Up?

The regular duck and goose season is winding down and it always leaves a bitter sweet taste in my mouth. The bitter part is that the exhilaration of whistling wings and "Boom.....Boom.....Boom will soon go away for 9 or 10 months depending where you live.

The sweet part is extended snow goose season is almost upon us! There's nothing like an unplugged gun....no limits...all out snow goose round up! It takes me back to a few years ago when I rode out to a rice field with my friend Dan "Mallard Caller" Wagoner to see if we could get on a bunch of snows...or as I call them...Sky Carp!

We spotted about 2-3,000 birds sitting in a field but when we tried to creep up on them they would just hop to the next field...very frustrating. We were about to leave when I noticed they were in a field that just happened to a culvert where we could get across the flume ditch....that's right.....in my truck! So I told Danno "Roll down the windows and get ready to whack and stackem'"!!! We each made sure our guns were loaded and ready and I hit the gas. We were going about 45 of 50 MPH when we jumped the ditch and went sliding into the rice field....these geese never knew what hit them...we just emptied are guns straight up in the air into a cloud of geese and they fell like rain! By the time we stopped laughing and our hearts stopped racing we were looking at dead and wounded geese laying everywhere. We reloaded and took care of the cripples and picked them all up....what a haul! I think it 28 birds in one volley...my little Bronco II could barely hold them and our gear in the back!

We went home and breasted them all....marinated them in fajita seasoning and then grilled them up for our family and friends. They were mighty tasty fajitas and the whole experience is obviously a memory I'll never forget! The other sweet part about the winter ending is Turkey season approaching and big Bass will soon be on the beds....We Command The Outdoors Around Here!

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  1. Man What a day. You forgot about the big COTTONMOUTH! LOL


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