Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Kids Gone Wild" - What Our Country Needs!

I just finished putting together the first "Kids Gone Wild" hunting music video and MAN...what a good time I had doing it! I got literally hundreds of great pics from my friends and fans and went to work producing the video.

As I was working on the project and looking at ALL the great kids in these pictures I realized what an important commitment their parents had made in introducing them to hunting & fishing in a safe and responsible way! I know from experience that these kids have a respect for firearms and for the environment that "Video Gamers" simply cannot comprehend!

I also know from experience that these kids tend to be very Spiritual in nature and NOT VIOLENT! I know in my heart that if it were possible to get every single kid in America involved in outdoor sports of some kind a lot of our countries problems would be diminished dramatically!

Please watch the video below  and if these are your kids leave us a comment about how awesome they are so we can learn a little bit about them!

God Bless!

Steve Conover

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