Thursday, January 3, 2013

More Than A Dog?

Maybe I'm just getting old? I was recently thinking about my dogs and how much they impact my life in so many ways! I can honestly tell that they teach me something long as I take the time to slow down long enough to notice.

My dogs greet me each morning with the same joy and anticipation of a new day! This is a trait which I try really hard to imitate and occasionally manage to pull it off. They don't care if the weather is bad and they don't get hung up on "yesterday" or "tomorrow" all about NOW!

They also look at me like I am a much better man than I think I am......what do they see that I don't? This is something that I will never understand but Its crazy that I now get up every day trying to be the man they think I am......which also happens to match my walk towards and with Jesus!

I am so thankful that God created these amazing creatures for comfort teach us unconditional love.... even when we don't deserve it....gee....that sounds familiar? For that reason I decided to write a song to try to explain what I'm trying to say right now :)

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