Friday, March 25, 2011

Huntin' Hottie?


Did you know that the fastest growing segment of the hunting industry is the ladies?

Is this a good thing?


For the last 40 years our society has been telling women that they should be to thin....wear the latest fashion.....and many other things that really don't play any role in building a Spiritual life!

As a matter of fact most "Pop Culture" has a VERY negative affect on your Spiritual life and the result a word....Charlie Sheen! LOL

Hunting and Fishing are proving to be positive influences on our Spiritual life and is why I believe they are joining us in HUGE numbers every year...They are tired of the POP CULTURE LIES!

This is why I decided to write and record Hardcore Huntin' Hotties! The song is a tribute to them and how much this hunter & fisherman enjoys having them take part in our great TRADITION!

I would love to hear some feedback from some of these awesome ladies that are fairly new to hunting and fishing to hear how it has affected their lives in a positive way?


  1. Thanks so much for acknowledging what Women Hunt Too is trying to do!

  2. Amen to that! You can find Women Hunt Too on Facebook and click "Like"!

  3. Thanks Steve,My husband and I just love the song Hardcore Huntin' Hotties. I've hunted most of life because I have older brothers and no sisters,but at one time I was married to a man who thought I should never hunt or fish until he got his first deer and I should never take a shot at anything bigger than what he had.Today I am married to the best huntin and fishin buddy I could ever ask for.I am exactly what your song is about.I do have all the big boy toys and I beat most of the guys to the stand early.My husband loves sharing the woods with the "Huntin Hotties" and don't care who gets the biggest or catches the most.He says they all taste the same if he shoots it or hooks it or if I shoot it or hook it.
    Thanks to Steve and the other real men who acknowledge women as hunters and fishermen.

  4. You're welcome Dot! You all are having a tremendous impact on our Tradition and I for one welcome it :)

    PS. I forgot to mention that clicking on a Google Ad while you're here helps me do what I do!

  5. Thanks for the great song and honoring my fellow sisters of the wild! We need some moe seriojs chiquita and barbidolls in their dressup camo:) some are to realistic and others are getting it done! Xoxo <3

  6. Was a little surprised to find my picture on there! I like the song and that this was tastefully done and not sleazy! There are many of us that want to show women hunters as serious. I would have loved a heads up first though. Great song!


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