Monday, March 21, 2011

Its Between The Man And Me!

As I sit here looking out the window at a steady rain it reminds me of the many mornings I have sat in the rain and hunted or fished! It also reminds me of all the people who tell me I am crazy to do such a thing!

I wrote the song "Between The Man And Me" to answer these people and hopefully do it in a way that is encouraging to all of us? You see...without these rainy days in God's creation I would be missing something that is really important to me! When I am alone or with good friends in God's creation the "Real World" just disappears from my mind and a Peace takes me over that is truly unexplainable. The sounds of nature are truly harmonious and you just can't help but thinking about stuff that really matters....Eternity....Family....Country...and things you can do to make this life better!

For me...this NEVER happens when sitting in traffic or the many other "Real Life" situations that I find myself in on a daily basis. As I age and hopefully gain some wisdom I am getting much better at the "Real Life" situations but I still long for the moments I spend with God...and my friends in his creation.

How many of you share these moments?

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