Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Life Of A Fishin' Bum!

The Life Of A Fishin' Bum?
That's what we were last night right here in Berryville, VA!
I got to hang out with a couple of great guys who some of you may recognize?
On the top left is James (J-Mo) Montgomery, Fly Rod Chronicles camera man, production Guru, guitar player extraordinaire and Certified Fishin' Bum!
On the right we have Curtis Fleming, 2010 Outdoor Show Host Of The Year & Producer of the Award Winning Fly Rod Chronicles TV show on the Sportsman's Channel.
We started the evening by catching some largemouth bass and crappie in a ten acre spring fed pond on Long Pond Farm.....we could have shot a great show with all the action we had! As the Sun was setting we grabbed our guitars and gathered around a good fire and started playing around with the "Fishing Bum" song idea thinking about The Brazos River Ranch in New Mexico as well as the Elk River right here in West by God Virginia. The setting was perfect and being in the company of two Certified Fishin' Bums helped me hammer out the song in fairly short order...What a night!
Curtis shot a little video on his iPhone of me singing a little bit of the song so we could send a MMS to Bo Prieskorn at Brazos River Ranch to get him fired up! Check out the video below!


  1. Very nice!

  2. You know I love the work you are doing. And, I love the the creative process and the inspiration (hunting,fishing,outdoors) which precedes it.
    Good work, fellas. I hope to hear this song on one of your next recording projects.
    Fish On!!

  3. Hey Guys, this is pretty cool. Got to come to Alberta though to get a real trophy Elk....Rockin' Ronnie...>>


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