Thursday, March 31, 2011

Real Tree Hugger Volome 2

I received many replies,comments and emails regarding the first blog about the Tree Hugger Song! Thats a good thing...but I think there may be some confusion out there about the song's purpose so here goes Volume 2....

The Real Tree Hugger Song is NOT meant to be a tool to condemn or Judge another human being. I wrote the song in response to those who were and are JUDGING ME for hunting and fishing for the food I eat!

I also point out in the song that we hunters and fishermen spend countless hours and millions of dollars every year actually PRESERVING habitat and the species that we are harvesting and consuming.

We don't need to condemn anyone! God gave us these creatures for FOOD acording to the Bible and until anyone can give me "Orders From Headquarters" otherwise....I'll keep following the orders I have right now!

Lastly.....This one is for the Anti-Hunters...Please don't tell me I should go to the store and purchase a bunch of man made stuff being sold as food! You can keep the Diabetis,Heart Disease & Cancer....Thanks Anyway!

So now we have the subject of the hate filled emails to me and other hunters and outdoorsman. I take my faith seriously so I don't return the emails with the same tone. However...I am a song writer so I did pull a slight "Taylor Swift" and write a song in response to their annual ritual!

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