Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Direction Part 3

So now after trying to become a big time country song writer in Nashville I am being asked by one of the most famous hunters on the planet to write a song.....about ......hunting? LOL

I said "I don't see why not?" By that time the duck hunting bug had hit me too!

The next morning there we the blind...the sun just creeping up over the horizon like God was smiling at us and saying "Good Morning"...and it hit me!

"Black water...a Cormorant cries...a Wood Duck's song scerenades the sunrise
Black coffee...warms my lips...It doesn't get any better than this
There's no doubt who made this place
When you're standing can see his face
I'm just glad to be part of the plan
That's the life...that's the life of a Duckman!"

God delivered the first song in grand style! The Life (of a Duckman) is by far the song that has generated the most feedback, email and other interaction with hunters all around the globe! I knew at that moment that there was a reason I moved to Louisiana and went through ALL the things that I went started making sense.

It is said that there are two important days in the life of every man and women...the day they are born...and the day the find out WHY! On that a Ouchita River lake...I knew EXACTLY why...and I praised God then and continue to do so each and every day. Ididn't HOW it was going to work out but I knew one thing for sure...I knew that God was in charge and that he would take care of it!

So I finished "The Life" and also worte "Duck Doctor" and handed a CD to Gary Stephenson who was editing Phil's DVD at the time and seemed like years! But soon enough Gary told me that they were going to use my music in Duckmen 4 Straight Powder! I was stoked! I'm thinking that they are gonna use it for fills here and there and maybe...if I'm lucky...they'll actually play some of it where I'm singing at the end when the credits are rolling! Again...I just smile and think to myself "I wonder what God will do with this?"

Well it gets better! Gary then tells me that they are actually going to use both songs smack in the middle of the DVD and produce them like they are music videos...WHAT?! Holy cow! He then says "This is really good stuff and you're gonna have to do a whole CD because folks are gonna want to buy it". So I say "Okay? I guess I can write and record a whole CD about hunting by the time you are eady to sell the DVD?". I was a little scared but I knew that so far as long as I stayed out of the way God had done a really great job of taking care of creating the music. God delivered the necessary music in plenty of time and DuckFever - No Cure was done and being sold through Duck Commander all over the country and even all over the world!

At this time I can't help but reflect on the journey thus far and marvel at what God had accomplished! Just a few years earlier I was at a cross roads in life sitting on the banks of the Ouichita River wondering why a guy with a really big beard was asking me "Have you solved your death problem yet?". It now made perfect sense why I had the abilty to write, record and sing this music with NO MUSICAL TRAINING!

I still felt unworthy and for me that was probably a very good thing. There was still much work that needed to be done in me and through me and this was just the beginning! But for now...knowing that hunters all over the planet were listening to....and being inspired by music that I created was ENOUGH!

To be continued in Part 4!

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