Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Life Of A Duck Dog!

On July 30th 2010 my friend Zealy and his family went through something all animal lovers dread....there hunting dog and companion Sprig had wandered to close to a road and was struck by a vehicle...and left on the side of the road to die.

Fortunately for Sprig he was found by his family and rushed to a vet and the story begins from there. Why am I blogging about Sprig? Because "The Life" we live as hunters and outsoorsman often include a loyal animal like Sprig they are just as important to that life as our friends and family....heck....they are FAMILY!

I want to ask my friends who can afford to let loose of a few dollars to click on the word Sprig and read his story and then click on the donate button and do what you can. Zealy and his family did a great job saving Sprig and we can surely give them a little help in retiring what I know is a HUGE vet bill!

I have posted "The Life" below to give you a little inspiration...Thanks in advance!

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