Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm A Real Tree Hugger!

Really? The PETA people are killing me! Do they really have nothing better to do than threaten me? A guy that contributes more to conserving all the animals and fish, they claim to love, than they EVER WILL!

Its really insane if you think about it...Noah stepped off the Ark after the great flood and God says "All these animals...birds....fish...reptiles...all of it is FOOD for you"! So the creator says that's what they're for and these people are screaming and shouting that its wrong....Hmmmnnnn..seems to me that someone here has a BIG problem!

So now we have the subject of the hate filled emails to me and other hunters and outdoorsman. I take my faith seriously so I don't return the emails with the same tone. However...I am a song writer so I did pull a slight "Taylor Swift" and write a song in response to their annual ritual!

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